Delaware Bankers Association

2018 Delaware Trust Conference Materials

Tuesday Sessions

Session 1 - Baby, Ruth Isn't the Only One Who Could Use a Federal Tax Update

Federal Tax Update - Donaldson


Session 2 - Direct Trusts - Now and Later

Combined Investment Decision Checklist

Directed Trusts

Distribution Decision Checklist

Tax Checklist


Session Three - Modern Day Ethical Responsibilities

Modern Day Ethical Responsibilities - Veasey


Session 4A - International Tax Planning Basics

Primer for Foreign Persons with US Issues

International Tax Planning


Session 4B - Tricks of the Trade - Internal & External Exams and Audits



Session 4C - LLC/FLPs/Closely Held Stock Issues with Trusts

Closely Held Stock Issues


Session 4D - Changing Residency

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Session 5 - Why are the US and Delaware Attractive to International Clients?

Why Are the US and Delaware Attractive to International Clients

Wealth Planning for Multinational Families

Reporting Channels for Multinational Families



Session 6 - Good N' Plenty

Good N Plenty - Wealth Transfer and Income Tax

Delaware Preferred, Carried Interest and Profits Interest




Wednesday Sessions

Session 1 - Litigation Update

Combined Outline of 2017 Fiduciary Cases


Session 2 - What Dead Celebrities Can Teach About Estate Planning




Session 3A - When Breaking Up Is NOT Hard to Do

When Breaking Up is NOT Hard to Do


Session 3B - Deep Dive on Saudi Arabia, China, and Argentina

Deeper Dive


Session 4 - Promisory Notes, Loans, Guarantees, Pledges from Irrevocable Trusts


Session 5A - On Boarding a New International Client


Session 5B - Creative Solutions for Complex Situations


Creative Solutions for Complex Situations

Creative Solutions Outline


Session 5C - Not Your Father's Investment Portfolio

Bit by Bit by Bit

Delaware Traditional Trustee Investment

Impact Investiong under Uniform Prudent Investor Act


Session 5D - TCJA Enacted Section 199A

TCJA - QBI Deduction



Session 6 - Clear, Clever, Crafty, and Cost-Effective Charitable Planning


Charitable Giving

Giving in Post-Tax Reform World

Making Most of Philanthropy



Session 7 - Trust Ethics - What Really Happens in Trust Cases in Court?