Delaware Bankers Association

2017 Delaware Trust Conference Materials

Tuesday Sessions

Session 1 - The Newlywed Game:

Delaware Trust Litigation and Highlights 2017 - Wright

The Delaware Trust Advantage - Brockway

UVTA Outline


Session 2a - I've Got a Secret:

I've Got a Secret - The Secret Sauce

What Planners Outside of Delaware Need to Know


Session 2b - Wheel of Fortune:

Israeli Taxation of Delaware Trusts

Wheel of Fortune - LeBreux

Wheel of Fortune - Caffuzzi

Wheel of Fortune - Moorcroft

Wheel of Fortune - Whitaker


Session 3 - Password:



Session 4A - Survivor:

Survivor - QDOTs


Session 4B - Hangman:

Hangman - Post Mortem Estate Planning


Session 4C - Trouble:

Trouble - Game Planning for Cyber Incidents


Session 4D - Mastering the Chess Pieces:

Mastering the Chess Pieces - Slides

Mastering the Chess Pieces - Trust Act 2017

DE HB 169


Session 4 E - I've Got an International Secret:

I've Got an International Secret


Session 5A - To Tell the Truth:

When Should a Trustee Go to Court -Document

When Should a Trustee Go to Court - Slides


Session 5B - Beat the Clock:

Beat the Clock - Pre-Immigration Planning


Session 6A - The Dating Game:

Comparison of Trusts in Select States

Dating Game Presentation


Session 6B - Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuits



Wednesday Sessions

Session 1 - Risk!

Reporting Requirements for Foreign Trusts

Risk! Administering Trusts with Non-US Components and Foreign Reporting


Session 2 - Mastermind

Putting it on and taking it off - Outline

Putting it on and taking it off - Slides


Session 3 - The Match Game

2015 RUFADDA Final Act

Authorization and Consent for Release of Digital Assets

Coinbase Account Access Info

INDUSTRY's Estate Planning Questionnaire

Match Game - Ch. 50 FIduciary Access to Digital Assets and Digital Accounts

Match Game - Delaware Uniform Principal and Income Act Ch 61

Match Game - Directed Trusts

Match Game - Excluded Trustee Statute

NAELA Seminar Article of Revised UFADAA

UDTA Final


Session 4 - Truth or Consequences
Truth or Consequences


Session 5B - Jeopardy!



Session 5C - What's My Line?


Session 5D - The Price is Right

The Price is Right - Slides


Session 5E - Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal - Slides


Session 6 - Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal - Divorce and 3rd Party Trust in DE

Third Party Trusts in the Context of Divorce



Session 7 - Family Feud

Family Feud - Family Conflicts

Family Feud Panel Fact Patterns