Diversity Equity & Inclusion

The Delaware Bankers Association, believes all Americans should have an equal opportunity to prosper. Economic inclusion is essential to creating opportunities for everyone. We add our collective voice to the national conversation and stand against racial injustice and systemic inequality. 

Injustice and inequality are at the forefront of the American experience. It is more pressing than ever for all of us to foster intentionally inclusive environments where everyone is valued and provided opportunities.

 DBA members play a pivotal role in their communities as civic leaders, facilitators of economic growth, and agents of change. We must continue to take steps to: 

  • Enhance economic inclusion
  • Open doors of opportunity for all
  • Provide greater diversity within our workforces 
  • Support sustainable growth for our communities 
  • Ensure the fair treatment of all customers

We stand for creating environments and cultures of belonging in which individuals with different identities feel welcome, respected, heard, supported, and valued. Individuals should be able to be their authentic selves in the workplace. A culture of inclusion creates a welcoming environment and opportunities for all perspectives within our organizations.

We stand for ensuring fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement of people regardless of their individual identities. We strive to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent full participation in our organizations.

We stand for having people with different identity factors throughout all teams and all levels of our organizations. Individual identities are made up of all the factors that establish a person’s perspectives, values, and experiences.

Eradicating injustice and inequality will take all of our efforts. By joining together, we will create prosperity for all.

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