More Money Than Cents!

Have you ever heard someone described as having "More money than sense?" It refers to a person who spends their money unwisely or on something that is unnecessary. It's one thing to have money, but another all together to know how to manage it with wisdom and sound judgement.

The Delaware Financial Education Alliance has created a series of short videos in an attempt to remedy that situation. These videos offer practical information on how to navigate the realm of personal finance. We hope that after watching the viewer will have more Money than just Cents!

Overdraft Fees

Learn what happens when you write a check for more funds than you have in your bank account, and the fees you may face because of it.

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a numerical ranking of an individual’s creditworthiness. How does your credit score effect you for loans and interest rates? What is the range of numbers in a score, and what is considered a poor score and an excellent one?

What Is the Average Minimum Payment on a Credit Card?

If you only pay the minimum payment on a credit card how long would it take to pay off the balance?

Would You Pay $233,000 for Coffee?

Learn just how much that fancy cup of brew is costing in the long run!

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